Portfolio Stress Test

What is Portfolio Stress Testing?
Stress testing is about tackling macro-economic risks head-on, and assessing their potential impact on a wide range of investments.

In a portfolio stress test, we construct “what-if” scenarios based on real life macro-economic uncertainties, and measure their potential impact on your portfolio.

Portfolio stress testing is not about predicting the future, but about identifying and adjusting for downside risks.

Uncover the Hidden Risk Factors in Your Portfolio
Assess your portfolio risks against a variety of economic and market scenario outcomes, covering a range of possible events such as:

  • Negative Rates
  • Oil Crash
  • Tech Bubble 2.0
  • China Slowdown
  • Debt Cliff
  • Fed Stress Test
  • Baby Bust
  • Headline Risks
  • Healthcare Costs
  • S&P Valuation
  • Dysfunctional Europe
  • Rising Interest Rates

We have identified nearly 90 different scenarios.

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