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After less than three short months since our last portfolio modification, a few portfolio changes have occurred yesterday.  Several investment managers continued to fall out of favor within their peer group and have been replaced. We are never leery to “fire” a manager that is slipping in IRA’s and Roth’s but more cautious when gains have accumulated in taxable accounts.

Nonetheless, those changes were made, and are summarized as follows:

Oakmark Select (OAKLX) has been replaced with Columbia Large Cap Enhanced (CLNCX)
Due to weak 12 month return history for Oakmark

Doubleline Shiller (DSEEX) has been replaced with Dreyfus Equity Income I (DQIRX)
Due to excessive style drift away from Large Value

Invesco S&P Eq Wt Financials (RYF) is replaced with iShares US Aerospace & Defense (ITA)
Manager change + financials not as favorable right now as US Defense

Morningstar reports on all these companies are readily available on the internet, so this time we thought we would attach alternative reports from our fiduciary based scoring software. This software is intended to provide us a highly independent perspective on the overall quality of the fund / ETF based on a variety of quantifiable metrics. For reference when looking at the report, the lower the score the better, and a score of Zero means there is nothing negative to report about this fund when comparing it to it’s peer group.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your advisor on staff.


180818 DSSEX DQIRX.pdf:
180818 OAKLX CLNCX.pdf
180818 RYF ITA.pdf    
Fi360 Fiduciary Score Methodology.pdf


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